Gay Outdoor

Want to discover nature in Western Switzerland in these times of restricted international travel?
Join us for day hikes around Geneva and in Canton de Vaud throughout the year.

Our hikes

We coordinate hikes about twice a month. We are not professional mountaineers, and the hikes are organised together with and for Dialogai. All outings are free of charge.

It’s a great opportunity to combine sport and discovery in a friendly atmosphere.
Our hikes are offered as volunteer outings for Dialogai.

Who we are?

We are super excited to be living in this beautiful region. We’ve always done a few hikes throughout the year, yet since the start of the pandemic we’ve increased the frequency of our hikes and discovered quite a number of hidden gems in Switzerland and around lake Geneva. We are not professional tour guides, but simply enjoy nature and epic views.

Gay Hiking Geneva

Geneva 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

Kindly note that the organisers and Dialogai decline any responsibility. Each participant joins at their own risk in these outings, which are not prepared by professionals, but by volunteers.