Our next hikes

A mix of easy and medium difficult hikes is proposed throughout the year. The specific level is described in each posting. While some will certainly require hiking boots (and potentially sticks), we are not intending to do alpine hikes/mountaineering. The proposed itineraries correspond to the hikes marked with yellow signs in Switzerland.

A link to the destination and a description according to the SuisseMobile app will also be indicated when available. The outings proposed are free of charge, apart from any costs linked to transport or food. Each destination can be reached by public transportation. We may also organise car sharing when possible.

We invite you to sign up for each proposed outing as described in the relevant posting. Once signed up, we will keep you updated of any changes/cancellation due to weather.

The outings proposed are open to all, members and non members of dialogai. You can sign up for a specific hike using the link in the activity in the dialogai calendar. For any specific questions, feel free to send us a message to gayhikinggva@gmail.com.


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